Park City, Utah

 We arrived at the condo in Park City on Saturday afternoon after stopping in town for lunch. It was shoulder season since ski season had ended the previous weekend, so many businesses were closed and the town was practically deserted. Obviously, if you’re looking to take advantage of the slopes, this wouldn’t be a good time to come, but since we weren’t interested in skiing, it was perfect with a young baby.

We planned the trip as the Inaugural Gathering of Aunts and Uncles. Xander is currently the only offspring, but we’re hopeful that one day he’ll have cousins to run around with, and our intention is for everyone to get together every year. We indicated before the trip that it was just for the “kids”…no parents allowed. To which our siblings were kind enough to point out that we are in fact now “the parents”. It’s a really strange paradigm shift to wrap your head around.

Kris and I mostly just relaxed in the condo while the rest of the crew were adventurous enough to go sledding, ice skating, and for walks into town.

There were animal heads mounted on the wall that intrigued Xander almost as much as the ceiling fans. He didn’t have any doggies to play with, but he did have a rather large elk and a deer. They were not the most animated of play friends.


We played board games, cards, and heated rounds of backgammon.




And watched the Dodgers of course…

IMG_0601Best of all, Xander got to spend lots of uninterrupted bonding time with his aunts and uncles.


We used disposable diapers for the first time on this trip. There is definitely a heightened level of convenience to using them, but they smell weird and I was appalled by how much diaper trash we generated in a week. I loved that he could make it through the night without leaking, but he is interestingly much more likely to blow out a disposable and cover his clothes in poo, something that almost never happens in his GDiapers. We discussed whether we would make the switch to disposables long term, but decided we did actually prefer using GDiapers since we had found a routine with them. We did, however, concede to the convenience of not waking up to a pee soaked baby every morning, so we started using disposables at night, and it has been working really well.

Xander adjusted quickly to being in a new place. We struggled the first night, but I think his teeth were bothering him and he had a runny nose, so who knows how much of it was related to being in a new place? After that, he slept just as well as he does at home, which I attribute to cosleeping. We didn’t have to try to recreate his sleep environment because the key components are the two of us in bed with him. We don’t adhere to a strict sleep schedule (we use a baby-led approach), so the slight time change and disruption to our routine wasn’t an issue.


We got to put our Osprey Poco Pack through its paces with some hikes around town, and loved it! Clearly, Xander did too!

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