2 Lovely Days in Salt Lake City with a Baby

It was chilly and raining on and off when we spent a few days in Salt Lake City, but it was still enjoyable with our 6 month old. We stayed at the Hyatt House, which is centrally located and was perfect for us because the rooms were designed like a little apartment with a living room and full kitchen.

We started our first day at the Natural History Museum of Utah, which I have posted about in detail HERE. We checked into the hotel after our museum adventures, and Kris went to drop the rental car off at the airport since we wouldn’t need it in the city. The company we rented from, Fox, is off site (about a 10 minute bus ride from the airport), so we decided we were better off taking the train to the airport for our flight than dealing with returning the car and taking the shuttle with all of our stuff and the baby. Kris took an Uber back to the hotel, and found Xander still napping from the morning’s exertions.

By the time we were ready to walk to dinner, the rain was hammering down. We were excited to try out the rain cover for our Osprey pack. Rain is fun as long as everyone is dressed for it!

We stopped and had pizza at Settebello Pizzeria Napolitana. It was delicious, but dessert was the real highlight of the evening. Kris found an authentic Belgian waffle restaurant just around the corner called Bruges Waffles and Frites, so we took a stroll there after dinner. The owner was just leaving as we arrived, and we were pleased to find he was genuinely Belgian (or puts on an extremely good accent). I ordered a vanilla waffle with caramel sauce, and Kris got the popular strawberries and cream combination. They were so good, we got two packaged chocolate waffles to-go to eat on the plane. Xander was a happy little dude, and hung out in his pack the whole time we were eating.IMG_4952.JPGIMG_0804.JPGRain is a novelty to those of us who live in Southern California!

The little man was struggling with teething the night we stayed in Salt Lake, so I didn’t get much sleep. Kris took him for a Daddy Adventure around 7 am to let me get a few hours of sleep before we went exploring. This has been our system since day 1, and it seems to work well. I always let Kris sleep through the night so that one of us is rested (especially on nights when he has to work the next day), and then if I’m severely sleep deprived in the morning, he takes the little monster for as long as he’ll go before he needs to nurse and lets me crash for a few hours.

They checked out the basketball arena, sampled two different coffee shops, and took a brief nap by some nice flowers.
I awoke refreshed after a glorious 3 hour nap to get packed up and try to convince Xander to sleep some more. Our flight home wasn’t until 8:30 PM, so the hotel let us have late check-out at 4 PM. We left our bags with the front desk and took a picnic over to Temple Square. The rain had cleared, so it was a gorgeous cool, clear afternoon. We wandered the gardens of the Temple, appreciating the lovely flowers. Here is a montage of Xander looking serious in the flowers:

Flowers are apparently serious business, so he wouldn’t smile. Kris found a shady spot outside the main gates for us to relax with our picnic. Xander quickly got jealous of our meal and squawked to be fed as well, so I nursed him directly in front of the Temple where we were sitting. I’m not really sure how the Mormons feel about breastfeeding. It seems like a family oriented religion, and I wasn’t deliberately being disrespectful, but when baby is hungry, baby eats. No one around us seemed worried about it, but no one has ever criticized me for breastfeeding. Someone would have needed to be really looking to even know I was feeding him, and if that was the case, then they were the creeper anyway.img_4970We decided to take the train from the city to the airport so that we didn’t have to deal with returning the rental car/taking the shuttle to the airport OR make an unsuspecting Uber driver vow never to reproduce because our baby screamed for the entirety of the car ride. The train from the center of town had a direct line to the airport that was incredibly easy to access. The train itself had its fair share of crazies aboard, but we live in Long Beach, so we’re no strangers to the eccentric. It took less than 20 minutes to get there from the Basketball Arena stop, and gave us one more scenic glimpse of the mountains.img_4958IMG_0918.JPG
The ticket machines were out of order at our station, and we didn’t want to lug all of our shit to the next station and have to catch the next train, so we decided to just chance it and ride without tickets. We got away with it, but I figured I could get the train police to take pity on us since we were carrying a ton of stuff and a baby. I probably also used some offensive language. I’m just a rule breaker like that.img_4965We got to the airport (which connects directly to where the train drops you) 2 hours before our flight. Xander passed out in his backpack while we were checking our bag, so we set him down and had an airport picnic with our remaining snacks from the afternoon.
I fed him when he woke up and hoped I had timed it right for him to nurse again during takeoff. I feed him wherever we are when he’s hungry, but out of curiosity popped my head in the Infant Room to see where I was “supposed” to nurse him. It was a joke. It’s a plastic chair between a toilet and a changing table.

The flight was uneventful. He stayed awake for the first half, marveling at new people and stuff, and slept for the rest. It was an easy conclusion to a rejuvenating week in Utah.

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