Xander’s First Visit to Dodger Stadium

We took Xander to his first Dodger Game, and they beat the Cincinnati Reds 1-0. It ended up being a weirdly short baseball game, lasting only about 2 hours. We arrived a little late because of traffic, so by the time we got Dodger Dogs and beer, the game was about half way over. It kind of worked for the best, though, because even with a short game, we got home really late.

Kris came up with the best idea for seats, and he has now spoiled me because having those seats is probably the only way he’s going to get me to take Xander to another baseball game until he’s old enough to sit still in his own seat. It only works if you’re going with a group and willing to pay a little more for each seat, but if you can manage it and you have small children, it’s the best!

They have seats in what they call Party Boxes, which aren’t boxes like the luxury suites, but it means you have your own area with a counter on each side and the seats are bar stools at the counter. You have the counters to put food and drinks on that are out of reach of little ones. It also means you can mingle and move around, so is much more social for a group than being in seats. It was perfect with a baby!

Xander seemed to enjoy seeing all the people from Daddy’s back and watching the game with Uncle Cameron. Then he passed out until the Dodgers scored. He was indignant that the crowd was cheering so loudly. When he woke up, his Auntie Butterkek had magically appeared! He did, however, manage to sleep through the 7th Inning Stretch.

The drive home was terrible. We had to pull over three times he was crying so much, but we have since changed him to a convertible carseat, which seems to have helped immensely. More about that later. For now, here are some pictures of the little guy at his first baseball game!











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